Bubu/Chemi & Tony Cruz: Site-specific Installations

June 4 - July 11, 2009


Magnan Projects is pleased to present the first New York exhibition of emerging Puerto Rican artists Chemi Rosado Seijo, Jesus "Bubu" Negron and Jose "Tony" Cruz.

Chemi Rosado Seijo (b. 1973) is based in San Juan and is active on the international art scene. With pieces in the 2006 Havana Biennial and the 2002 Whitney Biennial, Seijo's work mixes social commentary with humorous nuances. The artist explains, "I want to keep [my art] conceptual, not officialized."

Jesus "Bubu" Negron (b.1975) is a multidisciplinary artist working in Barceloneta and San Juan. In his piece Cigarette Butt Street Rug at Magnan Projects, Negron fabricates a carpet from the wrappings of used and discarded cigarettes. Working in this language of conceptualism, Negron's work forces us to question the affects of greater socio-political ideas on our everyday lives.

Jose "Tony" Cruz (b. 1977) lives and works in San Juan, creating works primarily through site-specific projects. Cruz uses photography and drawings to document his process, often considering elements of measurement and memory in his work.