Alexandre Arrechea, Atardecer (Sunset), 2003. video. 4 min

Miler Lagos, Home, 2011. video. 5:11 min

Sofia Maldonado, Youkali II, 2011. acrylic, glitter and varnish on canvas. 48 x 60 in

Maya Onoda, Lobster, 2007. old Japanese paper (“washi”), string, thread, old yarn from artist’s childhood home, coffee stains, tea stains, watercolor, sumi ink. 23 x 28 in

Anne Spalter, Blue Note (print from Sky of Dubai), 2012. dimensions vary

Magnan Metz Group Exhibition: Destination Unknown

June 27 - July 25, 2014



Magnan Metz Gallery is pleased to announce its summer exhibition Destination Unknown. On view June 27-July 25, 2014, with an opening reception on Thursday, June 26th from 6-8 pm.


In the spirit and tradition of summertime wanderlust Destination Unknown is a group exhibition that features work sculpted from each of the artist’s unique travels.  A compilation that comes together to form a temporal dialog via a selection of interdisciplinary media ascribing meaning through literal, imaginary and theoretical platforms. 


As the tour begins the aqueous concept of home is addressed. In his piece Home, Miler Lagos transforms a singular water tower into retreat that rests upon an azure bed of water and sky.  Continuing onto painterly waves of glossy pigment, viewers experience the choppy waters of Puerto Rican born Sofia Maldonado’s Youkali II.  Drawing from her roots, the traditional tropical landscape is transformed into moody pools of color. Japanese artist Maya Onoda captures a moment of reflection in the delicate forms of Lobster. Inspired by her everyday life Onoda uses string, watercolor, and coffee to create a multi-dimensional surface punctuated by sewn detail.


Leading the dialog into new territory is digital media artist Anne Spalter.  Her video Sky of Dubai takes visitors on a hallucinatory bird’s eye tour with a mesmerizing series of kaleidoscopic patterns. Furthering the sense of cerebral disorientation is Arrechea’s video Atardecer, or Sunset with distant helicopters buzzing around a palm tree against a setting sun is an invitation to contemplate the cause and effect of surveillance in an anonymous landscape of suspicion.

Destination Unknown is a trip through the places we recognize past and present, awakening a nostalgia that invites viewers on an imaginary journey devoid of long lines, security checks and endless miles of asphalt.


Artists Included

Alexandre Arrechea

Andrew Atkinson

Susanna Heller

Miler Lagos

James Case Leal

Glenda León

Larry Litt

Sofia Maldonado

Maya Onoda

David Opdyke

Duke Riley

Sean Slemon

Anne Spalter

Wenyon & Gamble


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