Amelia Biewald at Rosalux Gallery

Amelia Biewald puts your travel photos to shame with her latest series, now on view at Rosalux Gallery. Biewald transforms her snapshots of Northern Italy for her co-exhibtion, "Pinch". Showing work along with Terrence Payne, Biewald demonstrates a delightful eye and an imaginative use of materials for a dreamy show that takes you along on its journey.

At first, Biewald's works look like ceramic tiles that one might fight at a tourist shop on the streets of Italy. The pieces are actually made with watercolor and ink on rag paper, but the blue wash on white has a glossy quality, with the glaze making it seem more fragile than it probably is. The images are of antiquated architecture, pictured upside down, with melting balustrades and dreamy looking 18th century figures floating through the scenes.